Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Power Flush Commodes

The talk at work turned to air assisted flush commodes. The type you see in shopping malls which are supposed to use less water yet get rid of the contents so you don't see those embarrassing telltale dark streaks on the sides of the bowl. You know, no one is going to know who caused their appearance unless they happen to follow you into the stall. Besides, what are they going to do, leave in disgust, flush the commode again, come out and point an accusing finger at you while you wash your hands and make some crass statement like, "Talk about leaving your mark." I don't think so!

Anyway one person commented that you sure don't want to sit on the commode when that power flush activates, anything loose might get snapped up. Immediately I encountered a thought about some guy coming out of a commode clutching his privates because the scrotum got snapped down to the trap and back again like some mini-bungee cord. I made the comment that should you be sitting on the commode when you activated that flush you'd want to keep you mouth open so you didn't come away with a permanent pucker of the mouth. It could even make you swallow you false teeth. How about bubble gum, you might blow a bubble out your ass in the negative pressure environment.

So ended another productive day at work.

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