Monday, September 29, 2008


I read an article on CNN about a woman who receives a social security disability check. She is 47. She has a son who is home schooled but takes some classes at a local school. She apparently cannot afford clothing for him and he wears her clothing which as brought ridicule and harassment from fellow students at the school he attends. Recently she learned a check she received annually for $250 in the fall of the year was not forthcoming this year. She had used the money to buy clothing for her son and saved some for Christmas. This year there won't be either.

Wow, talk about the subject of a powerful made for TV movie. Now today the House has rejected the "bailout bill." Am I heartless for saying yea for the rejection of the bailout bill in the face of examples of such dire stories as this woman. I feel not.

There are numerous people who will come to this ladies aid when the facts are known. Years ago before welfare and social security people helped people. The streets were not full of starving helpeless people. Bodies did not stack up in potter's field because neighbor wouldn't help neighbor. We now are saying the government is better able to help this lady than her fellow citizens. The problem I see is that it takes some large number of people to help this lady, when all it takes is a few people in the community to probably give her all the aid she needs.

I think to perpetuate the economic growth our country has sustained through this bill would be incorrect at this time. It appears to me our basement is made of a house of cards not the strength of character and ethics that perhaps existed in years gone by. I think the bailout bill should have strong controls and oversights, obviously the industry couldn't regulate itself. Just another example of business's inability to come to terms with "doing the right thing" instead letting greed overwhelm the credit creation market.

I feel bad for the woman and her son. If I had a name and address I would probably send her a check for $50. I'll bet after that article numerous people have taken the step of helping provide for her. I hope they have, that is the spirit of America.

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