Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stop and think of the implication.

I recently received and email from an old acquaintance about sending a Christian Christmas card to the ACLU. The idea was to flood them with mail that would signify displeasure with the law suits they file about the separation of church and state. The implication was that the ACLU was controlled by atheists. Bunk. I am sure there are lawyers and employees with the ACLU that have their own belief system and probably some of it is rooted in the Christian beliefs.

I was struck by the implication that we need to have government backing to believe in God. The history of man centers around a belief system often quietly expressed in the home or close neighborhood of like minded individuals. There are thousands of families who quietly light a Menorah during their holy days. There are thousands of Christian families that gather about a tree and sing carols that reflect their belief. Do we need to have that expression on court houses, money, and as a banner that proclaims, yes people it is OK to be a Christian in the United States.

If we do, we are pretty morally bankrupt.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Growing old isn't so bad.

For some reason today seemed kind of special. I went to our local farm supply store. I like it there. Perhaps because it speaks to the out of doors. I looked at the heavy bib coveralls. I didn't buy, but I may. I looked at the cedar bedding for the dogs. Again I didn't buy, but I may in the future. I over heard an older lady at the checkout, we would refer her to as a country gal, talking about something she had purchased that needed to be charged before use. It did not work right and she was in to get a replacement. She wanted the clerk to open it up and see that the charger gave the proper signals. I suppose she wanted assurance that it worked before she carted it home. For some reason it struck me as good.

As I left an older man was getting out of a disheveled old car. He had a paper in one hand that looked like a check. Perhaps going in to pay a bill, it is the 2nd of the month. He had on old work cloths and a big old floppy brimmed had that spoke of gardens, pastures and such. I just had the impression that he was going in to take care of obligations. There is something American about that and he sure wasn't rich. However, I had the feeling he was making it the best way he knew how and didn't much concern himself with those things geyond his control or experience. Not a bad way to grow old.