Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Buzz of Chainsaws

Sunday morning at 11:30 AM is not a time for chainsaws. However this morning we wake to find that tropical depression Ike move past us in the night. We've received about 1/2 inch of rain, but we did get some blowing wind. At our home we did encounter a little damage. One pine tree with a divided trunk split away part of the trunk and a fairly large portion of the pine tree is down. It is a tree that Terry and I planted about 19 years ago. The rest of the tree is OK, but it will have to regrow some.

The rental property did sustain some damage. We had a pretty large Weeping Willow. I had been noticing that one of the major limbs was looking like it was dying, but the entire tree blew over last night. The tree was uprooted. A decorative tree near the home had some large limbs broken down, but the tree itself was OK.

In the neighborhood a house at the end of our private drive had a portion of his fence blown down. Along the south side of his home some fairly large Bradford Pears were down and blown up against the house. Across Fairview a home had a large part of a tree at the corner of the house down and leaning against the home. I could not tell if there was any structural damage, but it didn't appear so. The ground is littered with leaves, small dead limbs, and other debris. The cover I had over my tiller down by the garden is gone, on first pass I cannot find it so who knows where that went.

Other than that, it is 71 degrees, the sun has broken out and it will be a fine day. Not so for Texas and parts of Louisiana. We are fortunate, Ike swept down some dead twigs, we have power and everything is fine. Elsewhere there is devastation and misery. We went shopping this morning and are going to prepare a wonderful pork chop and fried apple dinner. God is good!

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