Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel vs. Hamas

Several days ago I was made aware of Israel's attack on Gaza. An event that has little to do with my world. Except I am part of a large world and things that go on concern me. I was upset that Israel should attack the way they did, and felt that maybe our support of Israel is inappropriate.

However, I also don't believe in half-measures. I've long felt the disregard that middle Eastern society has for human life makes negotiated settlements very tenuous and probably not long lived. So something has to get their attention. A price so steep that there is greater incentive to live in peace and harmony than to fight. Annihilation could be such an incentive. I know it sounds extreme, but how many years have Arabs, both Israelis and Palestinians been slaughtering one another. No intervention by world powers, the U.N. or any force I know of has forced peace. So, lets get rid of them, both.

Or, let one or the other have at it with the intent that only one is left standing. That appears to be Israel's strategy right now, they invaded Gaza this afternoon. I say let them go in and clean out the rat's nest. They are warning people to get out, after an appropriate amount of time lower the hammer. Level the joint, nothing is left standing, no one is left alive. Make the price so steep that peace and harmony is necessary for survival.

I always thought the price for 911 was 5000 killed for every victim, I don't care about guilt, wipe out a country. Perhaps some crazed terrorists would come to realize that if they keep up there activities there will be no homeland to return to.

Just one man's thoughts.

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