Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barny fFrank

I admire Barney Frank. He's gay. He has had to over come a lot to become the Congressman who seems to have transcended his sexual orientation and become a spokesman for the liberal left. However, he is one of the makers of the crisis we are in. The roots of the credit disaster can be found in the Clinton administration when the lending fair practices bill was passed and the administration and liberal members of Congress began advocating loosening up the credit standards so poor constituents could buy a home. Now to listen to Mr. Frank it is strictly mea culpa, and the bogeyman is in truth George Bush. Yes, Mr. Bush should've had someone paying attention and minding the store, but couldn't Mr. Frank have helped when things began to go awry and the bubble was starting to build?

Now, Mr. Frank wants part of the new stimulus program to go toward reducing the principle of loans that are in default. Is that guy great or what? I've worked much of my life to pay down on my home loan, it will be paid off in two months. I've forgone things I might really enjoy so my wife and I can retire and not be saddled by debt. Now the government is going to reduce the principle for people who should never have qualified for a loan in the first place. Do I feel like an ass. Should've joined the soup line years ago.


  1. Did you mean to title your post "Barney fFrank?" Is this in the spirit of Kristi's and my campaign to reduce the f-ingheimer down to be a single letter ("f") in front of words indicating the use of the f-inginheimer without actually spelling it out and risking censorship?

    Couldn't agree w/you more.