Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Are Lucky to Be Americans

I went to bed last night before they announced Barak Obama's victory. I woke up this morning to a significant power shift in this country. Not only did Obama win, but won a majority of the vote along with about 350 electoral votes. States that have traditionally been republican voted democrat. Senators and legislators were swept into office because of Obama's win. The reaction around the world was unprecedented. In China I saw pictures of large crowds chanting Obama.

I got up, shaved, put on my clothes and went to work. There were no troops in the streets. There was no TV announcement of some general taking over the country. A significant amount of power shifted in the U.S. and I went to work along with several million other people. I read the republican accounts of the debate that must take place for them to regain some measure of respect two years from now. I read about the losing candidate's gracious concession statement. I read about the President's call to Obama assuring him of his administration's complete cooperation in the transition.

In January we will have a new president. The power shift will be complete and I will have worked over 20 days without threat, intimidation or loss of my rights as a citizen. It is truly amazing.

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  1. Isn't it, though?! I thought the same thing. I also thought about how I couldn't complain about my one-hour wait in line -- at least it wasn't 12 hours long, with armed guards all along the way trying to "keep me safe" from the party in power who doesn't want me to vote for the opposition.