Monday, November 17, 2008

An Odd Sight

We have Turkey Buzzards in Arkansas. Actually they are all over the country, I saw some this summer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Back to the story. Turkey Buzzards are not seen in large numbers around our home of Paragould, AR. Yesterday morning Terry and I were returning from shopping about 9:30 AM. As we pulled into the final drive heading to the house there, in lazy circles, looping about the cabin were a flock of Turkey Buzzards, perhaps 8 of 10 in number. Circling slowly, weaving in their beautiful gliding pattern they were taking advantage of the thermals barely moving their wings. They were in no hurry. I assume they were testing the wind and searching the ground for food.

As were pulled up in the drive in front of the house they were positioned over the rent house just next to our property and their circles took them over our garage and pine trees along the garage driveway. They are an ugly bird, but you cannot see the turkey type head from a distance, all you can see is the grace with which they fly.

Standing along side the van I marveled at the beauty. All of a sudden from the north a fast moving form caught my eye. It was a hawk, a large hawk, probably a red tail. From underneath you cannot see the red tail It raced toward the circling buzzards. I thought, Oh boy, I'm going to see something happen now. It was remarkable, the hawk joined the circling birds. It did not attack, it did not alarm the buzzards, it just joined them. I assumed that the flight pattern of the buzzards would alarm other animals on the ground and may provide the hawk with a fresh kill. When they are hungry hawks have been known to eat carrion, so maybe it was a hawk, just laid off from an auto plant trying to make ends meet. Who knows.

It was some sight.

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