Monday, November 3, 2008

One more day, hooray!

Wednesday morning we will have a new President-elect. Who will it be? I cannot predict. However, I have a feeling that something many do not want will play a role. Race. Yes, it has been quiet. Some news organizations have tried to have experts discuss the role of race in this year's election. I hope it has little or no impact, and I certainly hope it will not effect the outcome.

However, I've worked in large industrial plants in the north, I've ran a manufacturing plant in the south, I've lived in Jackson, MS and worked in the Medgar Evers Historical Neighborhood. I've listened to people talk and know one thing, very few people talk race, but many have an opinion. It is not acceptable to be a racist in our society. Very few people openly discuss racial issues. Yet I cannot help but believe there may be a larger force at work than we perhaps are aware of. I hope not. However, when the curtain closes, the privacy of the voting booth allows a person to vote their mind without influence. Those biases and prejudices that are kept in the deep recesses of a person's heart may just come to the fore and influence his/her decision.

It would be the wrong reason to vote, but it could happen. We shall see.

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