Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 34 Recovery

Things are going well. The Citrucel recommended by my surgeon some time ago seems to be helping my body regulate its bowel activity. In addition I've learned not to try too hard and have seemed to overcome the pain and feeling like I still had to go right after I'd gone. I am pleased with the progress.

My heart PVCs have calmed down some. I have still some episodes, they come in the morning, pretty calm during the day, then again at night. However the duration seems to becoming less and less and mentally I've made strides in accepting the aggravation as simply that.

The gas attacks I was having seem to have decreased volume and frequency. However, I still have poor control and end up making some noise as I move around my daily routine. Some funny, sometimes it embarrassing. All in all I think I've turned the corner and look forward to more normalcy in my life.

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