Sunday, August 5, 2007

29 Weeks and some changes are evident

Progress is slow. I think I have pretty much healed physically from the effects of surgery. Mentally I am making progress, I do not have the anxious moments as often. I did run into a couple of days last week but the anxiety I encountered early on in recovery has lessened quite a bit.

I also discovered I am regaining my "confidence." I have pointed out before that losing one's confidence is when you go to pass gas but don't because you aren't sure what is going to happen. I haven't had discharge accidents for some time now. I had spoiled some underwear and had a couple of minor accidents at work, but some time has passed and those episodes seem to have ended.

I do encounter gas problems after eating. Not all of the time but often enough to be agitating. I also encounter the feeling that I have to go, but don't. I am taking Citrucel daily as the surgeon recommended. I'm not sure I have any regularity but most bowel movements seem to occur in the evening now. I still go a little a lot. I spent much of last night going from bed to bathroom all hours of the night. However it was OK. I went right back to sleep and did not have to strain to go.

I have been walking forty minutes a day for the past few days and it does not bother me. So I guess my stamina is increasing. All in all I feel pretty good, I just wish my system control would improve and I didn't go so often.

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