Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 35 Recovery

I am feeling very well. I still have some bowel issues, I still go a little a lot. However, I believe my body will be adjusting to its new situation for some time. My heart is agitating me, I have palpitations that come and go and don't seem related to any reason for showing up. They are not with me always, but I've had some episodes that get a little upsetting because they go on for so long. Everything I've investigated and looked at tell me they are benign and not a risk. That's easy to say if you don't experience them.

My wife and I went on a day trip yesterday and had a great time exploring some new territory near us. Found a large reservoir created by the Corp of Engineers. It has some great recreational areas and is less than two hours from where we live. We were gone for over six hours and I was pretty comfortable all of that time. When we did get back for about ten minutes after arrival any movement I made seem to bring on a series of palpitations. I could get them to stop by standing still, but then the smallest effort would bring them on again. Finally after a little while they left. Last night in bed I had to finally sit up to get my heart to get back to rhythm but once established I was able to lay down and go to sleep with no difficulty.

I have tried for some time to discern a pattern to the onset but just get ideas not any correlation. I still wonder why they came on within the last month and a half so fiercely and they have gotten better but still remain at a fairly high level. Is the whole thing attributable to stress? I just don't know. What I do know is exercise seems to knock them down. Hunger and fatigue do seem somewhat related to onset, but why is beyond me. I guess I just have to keep on truckin.

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