Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Man's Poison Another's Medicine

We have been in need of rain for some time now. Like most of the country we are experiencing a drought, although we did have rain in July and are not as try as some, the lawn has gone dormant and the trees are looking distressed. So when hurricane Isaac was named and the track heading for the Gulf I thought we'd see some relief. We have. Late Thursday night/Friday morning it started to rain. I've  been watching the rain bands of the storm  north of the eye and we were on the right side meaning the counter rotation of the low was bringing water to our region. Yea!

Yet when it came I could not help but wonder about Mother Nature. We were experiencing some heavy rain but mostly moderate to light and steady. The wind was up, but we've seen a lot more wind than that and not called it anything but a windy day. Friday it rained off and on, and early Saturday morning a tendril of the bands hanging down from the storm moved through Paragould producing a nice soft steady rain all night long. It was the kind of rain farmers dream about. 

Yet hundreds of miles south of us homes were flooded, lives were lost, there was widespread devastation and severe property damage. New Orleans was pretty much spared but some of the Parrishs of Louisiana were severely flooded and emergency evacuation was taking place. Thousands of people were sleeping in shelters and hundreds of thousands were without power. Here, we lay in comfort with the window open listening to the soft rain of Isaac, the monster now tamed by moving over land and losing its engine of warm sea water. 

Like I said, one man's poison is another man's medicine. Mother Nature is certainly a complicated force.

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