Sunday, June 10, 2012

The "last" for a long time

Saturday, June 9, 2012 I started my last week of maintenance chemo. It has not been bad. I take nine pills of a drug call Xeloda. It converts in my body to a drug called "5FU." It is the drug used in conjunction with radiation a year ago. The effect of the drug is not as profound as it was a year ago, I think mostly the inflammation from the radiation compounded by whatever side effects the drug contributed were what made that phase of the treatment so rough. However, these drugs are not without some side effect. I get a funny sensation around my lips. I do not develop mouth sores nor am I having any breakouts on my extremities. But I do develop an odd taste in mouth. I also get fatigued about day four. Not too much during the day, but when I come home at night I am bushed. I have found myself going to bed as early as 7 PM.

This is the last week. I am ready for some long period without treatment to see how my body settles out. Right now, it does pretty good. I have had some episodes where my body says "Purge thyself." That can get pretty rough. I lose control of my bowels and have to stay near the bathroom. I have yet to try any Limodal or Immodium to stem the tide because I kind of feel that nature is getting rid of stuff for a reason. 

Other than that, I feel good. My energy level is not real good, but them I'm 67. I am up by at least 5 AM every morning and don't hit the bed until after 7 PM at night. I work a fairly long day, albeit it is pretty sedentary. Still I work, I come home and I really appreciate life. I hope this is the beginning of a long run of good health. It has been a long year.

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