Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's in trouble

I did not watch much of the 2nd debate. I still believe they are all liars. However the little I did see McCain looked old, hell he is. Unfortunately his limited arm movement makes him look somewhat handicapped. This bullshit of "my friends" is bogus. His style is stiff and he just comes across as cold and unyielding. Obama isn't a lot better. He is charming and smart. But I am really afraid of a power shift that may spell trouble for the country. There seems to be a backlash against the Republicans. Several traditional Republican seats in the both Senate and House were lost to Democrats in the last year or so. The sentiment against Bush is heavy and I don't think he could carry a jockstrap now.

The conservative wing of the Republican party seems to be inflexible and I do not understand that. What scares me is that there will be a Democratic majority that will be so strong that liberal laws will be passed that will create more national debt, will create more people in our society dependent upon public support and eventually increase the tax burden on all of us. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at not wise political leaders but have an extreme liberal agenda. We can't afford for the rail to socialism to be greased.


  1. I find it ironic that you are concerned about a Democratic prez and Congress creating more debt when the sitting president has done more to increase the national debt than the Democratic prez that was in the office before him, both of them having held the office for 8 years.

    The biggest challenge McCain has is distancing himself from Prez Bush. It's a sad fact, but it will be challenging for him (and any Republican candidate for that matter) to get elected without being seen as being a "friend" of Bush, which right now has an incredibly negative impression to the voting public.

    Eight years ago I would've voted for McCain had he made it to the final election; unfortunately he lost in the primaries. Today...not so much.

    Don't you hate having outspoken, independent thinking daughters?! Thanks, Dad! :-D

  2. No, I am very proud I have an outspoken, independent thinking daughter. Even though I was raised as a Republican I never asked anyone in my family to follow that line. If you recall I never tried to create a predisposition to conservative or liberal thought.

    That said, there is no link to my concern about a liberal Congress and the rise in debt in this country. It would be a mistake to blame Bush for the entire debt problem. However, a lot of the debt problems we face are laid squarely on our social programs. Student Loan debt is enormous. The current debt load is estimated to be growing in excess of $60 Billion dollars per year. The default rate while high at 5% for all outstanding debt, runs as high as 25% for students of color and students leaving college with a high debt load. One has to ask what lesson is learned when youth are forced into bankruptcy, or have possessions repossessed. There may be more credit money at risk than the entire housing debacle.

    My fear is Democrats traditionally promote social programs. Part of the problem we are in now can be traced back to Janet Reno in Clinton's administration putting pressure on Fannie Mae to increase their portfolio of high risk mortgages so everyone can own a home. If you trace back many of the social programs that have us in a barrel they begin in a democratic Congress. Now there is an article out that the Democratic sweep might be so great at to create the magic 60 seat spread in the Senate. It is just too much power concentrated in one party that has shown a tendency to promote populism and social spending. McCain may not be much, but I believe his history has been to discourage spending. He even voted against expanding the current GI benefits program. I disagree with that one.

    So no daughter dear. I enjoy the back and forth. I am not so tainted that I would regret the high spirited children I have. I am grateful for them. You make me proud. Somewhat misdirected, but good kids nonetheless.