Thursday, August 28, 2008

History in the Making

I sat in front of the TV last night with tears in my eyes as I watched the CBS group broadcast Barack Obama's historic night of being nominated for President of the United States. I am a product of the 60's. I watched in disbelief as Bull Connor unleashed the dogs on black protesters. I admire the courage that it took for Rosa Parks to stay in her seat on an Atlanta bus. I could not understand how blacks could be treated as non-citizens in our country. I live in the south now and I know many southerners still to this day that try to argue that the Civil War was over "states rights" not slavery. Bullshit! Don't pander that weak kneed argument to me. By the same token I don't tolerate the northerners talking about the anti-slavery north. There were slave markets in New York City in the late 1700's. The worst treatment Dr. Martin King got was in Cicero, IL. Racism is ugly, demeaning for those who are victims and those who hold those views. There is nothing good, economically sound, or spiritually correct to oppress a race. So, I was proud to see the Democrat's nominate a black man. I sat here quietly in tears listening to the emotional statement by a delegate talking about her aging father in an Atlanta nursing home with Alzheimer's unable to understand the historic moment. I wish he could.

Now the question, will I vote for Obama? No, I don't agree with his political stands. I don't believe in social programs to the extend the liberals in the democratic party proclaim. I do not believe that other Americans are entitled to a redistribution of wealth that provides no incentive for them to get up off their ass and take care of themselves. I no longer buy the argument that years of racial injustice mean that perpetual care is a right.

I do not think it takes a brave, strong person to tolerate a life of oppression by ingesting dope and robbing persons. Those are the weakest of our society and I have no compassion for them. It is not the majority of blacks in this country that live in squalor or are dope fiends or criminals. The majority live in good homes, earn incomes and take care of their families. It is time for them to also get off their ass and tell people about how they made it in America.

I'm tired of liberals talking about the disenfranchised poor, I didn't know we were poor, but my Dad lost his business when he was 65 because he was a piss poor businessman. He didn't give up, go on the dole, live his life in some small dank apartment building, feel sorry for himself and let society take care of him. I don't think the old man ever collected unemployment, but I'm sure he qualified. He went to work at age 65 pumping gas on the third shift. He worked his way into a bookkeeping position, he became a maintenance man and finally ended his 40 hour work week effort at age 85 washing dishes in a tennis club in Milwaukee. Yeah, he was white, so what?

You assholes that sit and claim a right to public welfare because you are the downtrodden masses of people victimized by the color of your skin get no sympathy from me. In fact, you do no honor to Rosa Parks, MLK, the NCAAP, the Civil Rights movement. So, I'm proud Democrats nominated Barack Obama, I just don't agree with the politics of his party.

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