Monday, July 28, 2008

What So Different Today?

Nothing. Rosie, our Cockateil passed away yesterday. This morning I got up at 4:45 AM as usual, made fresh ground coffee, and brought the carafe upstairs so my wife Terry, and I could enjoy some morning coffee. We got up, Terry to the shower to get ready for work, me to go out and take my 1 hour morning walk. On my walk I met Terry's Dad at work in the garden, our son Geoff was standing there visiting with him. I stopped and passed some time, Geoff and I got into a discussion about Bret Favre and his situation at Green Bay. I bid everyone good morning and resumed my walk. The sky was blue, the sun bright, and the day had promise.

Rosie is dead! Yet a neighbor got out and went to work, I usually see him/her leave. The neighbors dogs were barking at some event over on 22nd Street. I ran into one of the many box turtles on our property and bid it good morning. I walked by Rosie's grave along my path and said I hoped she was at peace and forgave me if I hurt her in any way.

I came home, sat with a cup of coffee visiting with my wife and her father who now came over to see if we wanted more tomatoes. Terry's father left, Terry left to go to work, I showered and got dressed and am ready to leave for West Memphis for a meeting with the four other schools that make up the ADTEC consortium.

So what is different about today? Rosie's cage is still covered. There is no beeping going on, no calling to the Blue Jays, and no Rosie. I miss her.

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  1. I am sorry that she passed away. Birds can have such personalities and are so small, it's amazing they can make their way into our hearts so much. Perhaps it is because they are so small and usually so wild that it's incredible they are around us.