Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Gospel of Inclusion

I am reading a book by Carl Pearson. He is a Pentecostal Minister who had an awakening and is now preaching the gospel of inclusion. I am not done with the book yet. I thought I would comment on what I've read to date.

Pearson brings to our attention many questions and illogical concerns about Christianity and man's relationship with God that have plagued many through the years. Why, for example, if we are taught that God loves us unconditionally would he consign so many to Hell? Why would God make how we live our life a test for admittance to heaven? To what purpose?

The book asks many questions I've pondered on for years. The book also does the old Bible Thumper's trick of quoting scripture to make the writer's points. The interesting think is Pearson uses text from the Bible to argue, and quite effectively, against Christianity's motives.

I think the shortcoming is that Pearson is unable to make the final logical leap. He says that we are saved, we just don't know it. Carl says God's love extends to all. Yet he cannot make the break away from his old teachings and say that there are more ways to relate to God than just through Jesus. Pearson certainly goes far beyond any writers I previously read, but I just don't think he gos far enough. Perhaps time and reflection will allow him to climb the final hill.

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