Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday April 20, 2009

The day in Arkansas was a beauty. Sunny, high in the 70's and some big puffy clouds to provide a little shade, although it wasn't needed. Hummy arrived at the feeder for the first time this year. It is usually about mid-April when they show up. One comes in first and checks out the feeders then must somehow communicate to others. Pretty soon one or two other Hummingbirds will be making the rounds. It is a good thing Terry had the feeder out and waiting.

The Chickadees are secure in their nest. Yesterday we heard a different noise coming from the gourd they call home. Terry and I speculated that perhaps the Mrs. was having difficulty laying the egg. They have nested for a month now, and it is within 8 feet of our front door in a gourd that hangs from the porch rafter.

We got the Peach tree, two Fig trees, four Blueberry bushes and two Raspberry plants in the ground yesterday. They have compost, water and mulch, so we shall see what we can bring forth.

Some grilled wild salmon, couscous with green onions and pimentos for the side dish, and some fried frozen corn to complete a wonderful repast. All in all it concluded a wonderful day.

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