Friday, February 15, 2008

What Really Chaps My Ass!

Yesterday some young man opened fire on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. The son of a bitch, he's dead, too bad I'd like to see him in jail for the rest of his life. I usually support the death penalty, but that is in the cases of losers like child abusers, sex-offenders, and people who abuse pets. I'm reading that the shooter was taking some kind of drugs, I don't know for what yet. Perhaps for some defective emotional problem, fuck him! There are five families devastated, their children are not coming home. Lives were snuffed out before they even got a chance. We will probably read about what an outstanding young man the shooter was, piss on him. What about the families of those who did not deserve to die. Are we becoming numb, West Virginia, other colleges where young people gather and die and we almost take some kind of sporting pleasure in the fact that our campus was harder hit then someone else's. Maximum kill, do we learn that from video games. Instant fame with the media exposure. Maybe we ought to do like the networks do at sporting events, don't show the streaker. Maybe if the perp is not identified, not written about, simply placed in a forgotten place and never mentioned, perhaps then the incidents will go away. This shooter at NIU should be spate upon, his memory erased, his birth record expunged, and his family ruined. If the consequences are so severe, so permanent perhaps families will learn to develop generations that are not so irrationally violent. I am really perplexed, I cannot think of anything that could stop this phenomenon. Obviously I am grasping, but I do know that our attempt at understanding or seeking causation will not be successful. Only one person knows the motive and he acted as a coward and shot himself.

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