Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ten Months Update

How time passes. It is now ten months since bowel resection surgery and things are well. I now notice that having a bowel movement is becoming more of a routine instead of an adventure. I no longer suffer from leakage. The episodes of having to go right now or I would have an accident seem to have stopped. Those adventures made travel or shopping an interesting event. Often I would have to quickly abandon my wife in the aisle and head to the nearest rest room hoping that trying to keep from having an accident did not influence my ability to walk too much. I was afraid I would look like an idiot scurrying to a bathroom with the cheeks of his ass held tightly together.

I still have the feeling when I urinate that I can't control the back end too well and I get a feeling as though some bowel may come out, however it hasn't caused a problem. I pretty much accept the fact that I have to wash my bottom with a wash rag on occasion. That ain't all bad.

I am feeling very well. I do have episodes of gas after I eat that I do not recall prior to surgery. In addition there are times that I cannot pass gas quietly and have some funny but embarrassing moments in public. Nothing too disastrous like blowing out the windows in a store, or scattering the clothing in the men's area.

I still have the sense that there will be further improvement. The hemorrhoid I raised early in recovery seems to have taken up permanent residence. It used to disappear for long periods of time prior to surgery, now it is pretty much there all of the time. However, it is small, it is not painful, and other than a little noticeable when I shower or clean myself it is not a problem.

Life is settling into a routine where I feel good almost all of the time. My stamina is good, I do not feel tired in the afternoon to the point I'd like to nap. I lift, work, do all of the things I did before and I rest pretty well. Other than periodic episodes of an irregular heart beat I feel great. Yes, there is health after recovery, just be patient.

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