Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some Additional Episodes during Home Recovery

It has almost been seven weeks since surgery. I'd like to report that I am ready to take on all things in life, but that is simply not true. The pain in my abdomen has subsided, but I am still sore and get little jabbing reminders that something was done to me. The one irritating thing that seems to be somewhat relentless is my upset stomach. I am prone to gas after eating, not that I wasn't before the surgery but this is quite uncomfortable. I am taking chewable Gavascon tablets chased with a glass of water and that seems to be helping. Still I cannot seem to shake this nervous feeling in my stomach.

My bowels are not regular. I think they are trying, but I am running into constipation. I have the feeling of needing to go, but can't. I have strained myself, but the Doctor said don't. You could create a hernia in the incision in the lower bowel causing a problem. I am now taking a fiber supplement and a stool softener. The Surgeon made a real point of DO NOT take a laxative. It has been a couple of days taking the two supplements and it does seem to be working to some degree. However, I have no idea if and when I will return to comfortable regularity I once knew.

I am still weak and tire easily. As I have stated in the larger post I am not a sleeper, so when I nap it may be for 20 to 40 minutes. It does refresh though and I am grateful for anything.

I am taking an anti-biotic for a urinary tract or bladder infection. I experience some discomfort and once and a while a slight burning sensation when I go. The anti-biotic is having some effect, but not completely relieving the symptoms. However, the anti-biotic does have some effect on the body. It says you may become dizzy, light-headed, upset stomach, loss of appetite while your body adjusts to the medicine. I've been having an upset stomach for some time. I do not know if it is tied to the medication, the surgery, both or other things going on. I have to take the medication for 14 days, day 14 is tomorrow, hurray! I hope that my stomach problems diminish, it is getting me down.

Among the side effects is irregular heartbeat. I would imagine that most people without heartbeat problems would not experience this side effect. However, I have a history of arrhythmia and premature ventricular contractions. So I can't help but feel the increase in PVC episodes is due to the medication. I'll find out in a few days.

I think that recovery from major surgery is a healing process coupled with dealing with different episodes as you recover. I know I am a lot better than I was four weeks ago. I am no longer nauseous, I am getting out and about. I don't feel very good, but in the end I'm getting there.

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