Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What the fis going on?

An article in our local paper today talks about the increase in gun sales, ammunition sales and a big increase in concealed weapons permits that started about two weeks before the election last fall. A local gun dealer is reporting a hard time keeping up with the demand. WTFIGO? Are we just nuts in the country. We are worried over the economy so the poor shall become criminals and that means the guy down the road has designs on my property. Is Obama going to bring retribution on whites? Are we just goddamn idiots?

It is true that criminal activity in the form of theft go up as the economy goes bad. But experts say that a bad economy generates more interest in flea markets, pawnshops, and the secondary economy where stolen goods can be sold. The increase in market potential usually spells increased activity by persons already engaged in crime, not new criminals coming into that endeavor.

I don't understand. Like what are we going to do, shoot Halloween trick or treaters who approach our property for fear of unrest in society. Then we wonder where the anti-gun lobby gets its traction. Guns are not toilet paper, they blow someone's ass away not wipe it. Maybe I should buy stock in Remington or Winchester, I might make a killing.

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  1. A few of our sporting goods catalog clients saw their sales increase substantially around the elections, too. They also had a hard time keeping up with the orders. Has to do something w/the changing of the guard and the belief that Obama will tighten down gun control laws, so get 'em while you can is apparently the mentality.