Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Storm Thoughts

I made a small shopping trip today. First to Lowe's to buy some washers and a lock washer to fit the trailer hitch on my small tractor. I have my utility trailer hooked up to my tractor to carry brush to the edge of the drive where it will be picked up. Then I stopped at a gas station to refill my two empty gas cans. I now have 15 gallons on hand, although to be honest I don't expect a repeat of what we had at the end of January.

On to Wal*Mart. I would like to buy some more Coleman lamp fuel, but it is $8.97 a gallon right now and I'm unwilling to pay that much. I'll probably break down sometime before next winter, but not right now. Upon checking out I did see a woman with four Coleman propane fuel tanks for the propane lantern Coleman markets. I've thought about getting one, but think I'll rely on the older version.

I did see one persona at Lowe's loading what appeared to be a generator into the back of a pick up. I hoped he didn't have trouble. Lowe's had one lone generator for sale in the aisle by lawn and garden. I hope if finds a home, but I hope we don't need it for many years. In the meantime my thoughts are about putting things away and getting things ready for the next event. I think I'd better change oil in the generator. Such thought occupy my time now.

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