Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rediscovering my Hidey Hole

My garage like many has gotten full of junk. It is all junk I cannot do without. I have a pretty good idea of the inventory, but find myself forgetting where things are when I need them and then finding the items two days after buying more. All of the "junk" I will use, someday. All of the "junk" has value beyond that of dollars and sense (no Jenny I didn't misspell the work.). Some of the "junk" I pick up and stare at, wondering what to do with it, where to store it so I can find it when I need it and being unable to come to a decision I sit it back in the location it has resided in for sometime so I won't misplace it the next time I need it, if ever (whew). It is difficult to part with mixed nuts and bolts that have been in that garage for some 20 years, I might need them tomorrow.

My garage is a nightmare of junk and I am working up the resolve to clean it up. I have taken some positive steps and have at least cleared out and area I can move around in now, to some degree. Years ago I used to spend a lot of time in my garage working on projects, drinking coffee, sitting contemplating projects while drinking coffee, but I safe and secure in my "hidey hole."

For several years I have stopped spending time in my garage. There was no room. I worked at that and have spent an absolutely enjoyable holiday season because I can get into my "hidey hole" and work on some things and drink coffee and contemplate other things. I have been building a fire in my fireplace in the "hidey hole" and done some productive work. I got the new chainsaw chain sharpening grinder working I bought over a year ago . I bought a new 8" variable speed Delta grinder yesterday and finally have a grinder mounted to the grinder pedestal that has stood empty for some 20 years in my garage. A good reason to buy a grinder, so the grinder pedestal gets used.

I have sharpened chisels dulled by my inexpert effort. I sharpened knives kept dull by inept hand sharpening. I cleaned a 100 year old punch made by my grandfather Floria for use in a northern lumber mill. I taught my grandson Sam how to use a pedestal grinder without killing yourself. I found peace, solitude and security among my "toys" and in my hidey hole with a small fire crackling in the fireplace. Now, I can hardly wait to get up tomorrow morning and rebuild the fire in the fireplace so I can take the chill off the air and sit in my hidey hole contemplating the great projects I shall attempt while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Ahhhhh, bliss!

However, I do have to take Terry grocery shopping tomorrow morning after dropping the van off at the Ford dealership for a tune up. Then I've got to contact Circuit City to see how to return the 2-way radios I purchased that don't seem to work right. It is also New Year's Eve. Oh damn, the intrusions into the sanctity of man. But, I do have access to my hidey hole and for that I am very grateful.

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