Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Strange Day

This morning, my wife had a colonoscopy. It turned out fine. No polyps, no cancer, everything was OK. Getting to the procedure was a strange trip. My wife is a Type I Diabetic, Brittle. Brittle means her blood glucose level is volatile, swings through highs and lows and is difficult to control. She works at a fairly high level of maintenance of her glucose level, and wears an insulin pump which has helped level out her swings. However, not eating solids, eating Jell-O, drinking juices and sodas do not provide staying power with the steady drip of insulin from the pump. As a result her blood sugar kept tending low. It was not too much of a problem during the day, but come midnight she was to cease all liquids and drink nothing from that time forward to the test. That upset her, she was worried her sugar level might drop and then she would be unable to take the test because she would be forced to violate the no intake rule.

She set the alarm for 11 PM, got up and ate a lot of Jell-O, drank juice and did the best she could. At 4:00 AM her sugar level was 94. We had turned her insulin pump down to about half dosage, but still her sugar level was low. I had to convince her to get dressed, and we drove into Jonesboro to the ER where we were admitted for the test. I figured once there if her blood sugar dropped too low they might put her on an IV and pump some dextrose into her blood stream to level out her sugar. It wasn't necessary, on the way in she disconnected her pump so she received no insulin. After we arrived she checked her sugar level and it had actually gone up to 174. By the time we were in the pre-op area her sugar had risen to 184 so she reattached her pump. She got through the procedure just fine, and we stopped on the way home to get her a hamburger and she made it the rest of the day.

Now for another strange occurrence. I knew her test would be OK. God had told me. About a month ago I started out on my morning one hour walk and as usual I said hi to God and started to discuss things with him/her. He listens, I talk. I asked him to take care of my wife, that this procedure was coming in about a month and I asked him, if it was in his power, to insure that she would be OK. About that time, I lifted my eyes up from the roadway to the pine trees along the road and above my head. A shaft of morning light illuminated the uppermost part of a Pine Tree's trunk and a branch. The upper part of the tree was not illuminated, just the small area of trunk and branch. As I gazed at this golden light on the pine tree a voice came into my mind and said, "She will be fine."

I sometimes have difficulty hearing God's message. I try real hard, but am not too sure I hear it. There was no mistaking this message. She will be fine, and she was. There may be a time that she will not be fine, but on this occasion I had advanced information and was grateful for it.

So we carry on and enjoy the news of health, embrace the day and hope we get some more.

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