Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something I became aware of

I was reading a Green Bay paper this morning online. There was a column about a young woman the columnist had been neighbors with back in the late 1980's. The young woman over came cancer and went on to become a research doctor. She was really quite an outstanding student. The woman was quoted as saying, "When I recovered from cancer I still had to face a period of time where I felt that I would get sick again." Apparently that is a feeling all cancer survivors have to work through. I have noticed that a veil has lifted since I passed the one year anniversary since surgery. The thought of impending doom seems to have lifted. While I know what the outcome will be some day in the future, but the outlook looks long and promising. My health is as good as it has been in the last 20 years. So I guess that mental progression is just something you have to work through. I feel grateful.

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