Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto Assassination

The only woman to lead an Islamic nation was assassinated yesterday. What does that mean for the world? Who knows, there is no indication that she would've been any better than the current Prime Minister. She would've been a force for some liberal ideas, but given the history of the area and the values of their system how much change would've been made is questionable.

I do not understand the low value human life seems to have in the Mideast. Suicide bombers, the promise of seven virgins in the afterlife. Man's religion at work again, certainly not God's work. Now there is a debate whether or not she was killed by violent means or fractured her skull on a lever. I guess if she died a violent death she would be martyred for the cause, if she died of a skull fracture then no martyrdom. What the hell kind of culture gives a damn about the method of death?

Then our politicians will have to make statements about the senselessness of it all. Bush will deplore the action as a threat to the growth of democracy in the region. What democracy? Votes are pretty meaningless in a society that resorts to suicide bombing, assassination, riots and arson to express its societal aims.

I do not know if the Pakistani culture based on a long history of war lords is capable of democracy. Even Benazir Bhutto defended the corruption of her previous regime some time ago as necessary to get things done. I think we should abandon all support of Middle East. Our soldiers are dying in a war we are not out to win. It will be Bush's legacy to have led us into Iraqnam. We don't seem to learn. I do not advocate isolationism, but I do think we help our friends and punish our enemies in meaningful ways.

What do I mean by meaningful? Blow the hell out of their country and make in uninhabitable. Demolish their infrastructure, their power sources, their means of feeding themselves. Drive them back into the stone age if they continue to act like cavemen. Push them under a rock and let them stay there. Bastards!

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