Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ten Months ago

Ten months ago yesterday I had a bowel resection. I've written about that in this blog for some time. Things generally progress and I get better and better. Coupled with my weight loss (on purpose), the ability to get rid of some of my meds, and a steady exercise routine I am feeling as well as I have in 20 years. I can tell you that recovery continues for a long time and is ongoing.

However, yesterday I had another surgical procedure. My gall bladder had been acting up for a few months. The medical folks diagnosed gall stones when I had a CT scan prior to my bowel resection, however the cancer took precedence. Lately however, I have been having some fairly severe gall bladder attacks and on advice of my family doctor and the surgeon it was time for it to come out. So yesterday, on the ten month anniversary I was back at the hospital, same hospital, same doctor but the results were very different. I had a laparscopic procedure. What a difference, I was in the prep room by 8:15 AM and out of the hospital by 1:15 PM. The surgery took about a half an hour I was told. I feel great the day after. My abdomen is sore near the rib cage, it is sore if I cough, but other than that I feel fine. I have no stitches, band aids cover the small incisions, there are four of them.

I did have very sore shoulders. I was told by a coworker that your shoulders get sore because the air used in puffing up your abdomen does not all come out so some migrates up into the shoulder area and is absorbed by the body. The result however is shoulder pain, which I did experience. Tylenol has proven to be sufficient, I have not needed any pain pills.

So the saga continues. From the bowel resection I still have some bowel issues. I continue to go a little a lot. It does seem that I have some regularity but I may go a number of times a day. I am more and more comfortable and am feeling great. I must admit that I wondered at times if I would ever again feel this good, even before surgery. My weight was a real hamper to my overall health and now, things are good.

Good luck to all, and God Bless!

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