Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bigger than life?

I keep reading about my Republican leadership and grow so disappointed. President Bush seems to ignore the feelings of the American people. From the polls one finally has to come to the conclusion that the American people do not want to be involved in Iraq. Yet you hear Cheney and Bush both ignore the issue to take the position that they know what is best for the American people. Cheney's arrogance is astounding. He recently said that Congress would knuckle under and pass a funding bill for the Iraq war without any strings, yet they did. There was no mandate for Bush's programs in the last election, yet he acts as though his war was approved. I do not like the lack of cooperation in Congress, they also are a bunch of arrogant asses in my mind. However in this instance I must say they probably represent the will of the people and Bush is simply ignoring that.
Wolfowitz a Bush confidant and leading proponent for war with Iraq is no accused of giving a lady friend benefits at the World Bank that are not according to policy. Arrogance again. One of the overriding problems that seems to face almost anyone who gains a leadership position, regardless of the level of importance, is the job then becomes about them and not why they were made the leader in the first place.
Clinton was an extremely arrogant President, just look at his actions. However, in my mind Bush has risen to new heights in making the issues of the United States his issues and ignoring the will of the people. But then haven't our leaders done that time and again?
I support term limits. Throw the rascals out, often. The president gets one term. In the house, three terms and the Senate one. Allowing paternalism and favoritism to grow is not healthy in my mind. I would really like to see idealism in our leaders and if they have a short period of time to impact change, then perhaps effective change will be made.

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