Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Discordant Symphony

I have my days. Since my surgery on my gastrointestinal tract I have had some interesting experiences. My body absorbs the food I feed it and regularly allows me relief from food build up. However, every once and a while it withholds relief and I begin feel uncomfortable. Kind of bloated if you will. I have learned that this will lead to an uncomfortable experience.

It is kind of like playing a symphony. Everyone knows that a full symphony has several movements. Usually these movements play on a theme and so does my body. The first few movements of the symphony are not too bad, the conductor is allowing the music to flow smoothly. However, seeing that my symphony has quite a bit of musical material built up, sometimes the movements go on for quite a while. Oh, there is the polite pause between the movements but the musicians seem to want to go on and on. After three or four movements the conductor tends to get sore. After five or six movements the conductor gets down right pissed off.

By this time the whole orchestra is getting tired and sore, and running out of gas. It is then that the movements become small short expressions that make little sense and are incomplete which makes the orchestra hall frustrated. The overall hall would like to have the music come to an end, not continue on leaving the hall still feeling like there is more. Finally the conductor is so upset he is in pain. It is at this time the orchestra hall brings out a healing rendition scored by Preparation Horatio. Finally the orchestra puts up its instruments, the conductor is soothed by the healing score provide by Prep H, and all is well.

This concert seems to be taking place weekly.

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